Anawangin Cove's Hideout Haven Beach Lodge

Enjoy the loose side of life.
Come in as guest. Leave as family.
Welcome to Anawangin, where you can rest in peace.

Try Anawangin Cove's Hideout Haven Beach Lodge
First hammock accommodation in Anawangin Cove.

JumpCam: Just Say Hi!

Hi! Feel free to contribute your simple Hi or Hello via JumpCam.

JumpCam is a cool mobile video application for apple mobile devices.
JumpCam: Film It Together

JumpCam is a free, fun way to film videos together with your friends!
Record your favorite memories and invite your friends to add clips to
your video. It's as easy as:

1) Film a short video clip and invite others to add to it
2) JumpCam combines your videos into a single beautiful movie. No
editing necessary!
3) Add filters and music to all the moments of your life: birthdays,
concerts, parties, weddings... or just hanging out with your friends

Here's the Film It Together video of Just Say Hi!

Let's End the Summer Right 2013

Mt. Pundaquit Clean Up and Anawangin Cove Beach Party - End of Summer Drive

KALADKAD TOUR CLUB is ones again inviting all beach lovers, mountain climber, and nature trippers to celebrate the end of summer with us. Together we are going to clean up Mt. Pundaquit and Capones Island. And spend the night with a great party at the beach. 

This event will benefit a 13 yrs. old kid suffering from Lymphoma Cancer. Princess will receive an amount of 50 pesos per participant.

See you there!!!

Mountaineer / Photographer Victor Joel "Biki" Ayson's Remains Found in Mt. Maculot Rockies

Victor Joel "Biki" Ayson's Facebook Cover Photo
Last April 2, 2013, while we are going to Romblom to climb Mt. Guiting-Guiting, I read news that a mountaineer was missing in Mt. Maculot. When we arrived in Tatay Remy’s House

Tatay Remy asked us if we heard the news about the mountaineer who’s missing in Mt. Maculot. According to Tatay Remy, Victor Ayson just recently climbed Mt. Guiting Guiting last Holy Week and after that he went for a solo hike to Mt. Maculot living his backpack on the mountaineers stop on the foot of Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas.

April 14, 2013: After two weeks of search and rescue of different organizations.
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